The Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online in 2024


The Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online in 2024

While the internet works to help us all stay connected, it also means that hackers and cyber attackers are constantly working to crack vulnerabilities and take advantage of individuals and businesses. Home Telecom has compiled a list of the top five ways for staying safe online this year.

Top 5 Tips for Cybersecurity Protection for Staying Safe Online

1. Do Regularly Update Security and Software Programs

While it’s inconvenient to do computer updates and restart your computer to have them take effect, it’s necessary. Updates contain security patches that target vulnerabilities and help protect against future threats. Cybercriminals are constantly hacking and looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities, which is why once they’re discovered, you must download any necessary patches to protect you against future attacks. Don’t put off software updates; remember they’re updates for a reason – helping ensure you’re staying safe online.

2. Do Always Use Strong Security Measures

Always use robust security measures like encryption protocols, intrusion detection systems, and firewalls. Avoid public Wi-Fi and always have antivirus software installed. Don’t access public Wi-Fi if possible; remember not to enter passwords.

3. Do Use Strong Passwords

While it might be convenient to use your pet’s name for your password, today’s passwords must be complex and contain characters, numbers, capital letters and even special characters. We also recommend using two-factor authentication for accounts if available, which means it will email or text a verification whenever there is a sign-in attempt. To help keep track of all your passwords, use a password manager. We also don’t recommend saving login information in browsers, especially on company computers. Don’t succumb to being lackadaisical and falling back on using easy-to-guess passwords.

4. Do Regular Data Backups

Backup all your information, if possible, to the Cloud, Dropbox, or other form of backup. Remember that in the event of a virus, it’s vital that all your data is backed up.

5. Do Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps encrypt activity online and keeps your identity hidden while browsing. We highly recommend that businesses use a VPN and teach their employees how to log in using the VPN, too. Many cell phone providers may offer complimentary VPN apps for mobile devices.

Home Telecom Offers Multi-Layered Internet Security

Home Telecom wants you to stay safe online in 2024! That’s why we work hard to ensure you’re protected while you’re connected to the internet. Home Telecom’s Umbrella Easy Protect helps to shield your internet connection and data so you can stay protected from cyber attacks while enjoying our lightning-fast internet services. Learn more about how Home Telecom protects you at the DNS layer before a threat even reaches you.


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