The Best Summertime Charleston Date Ideas for Couples


The Best Summertime Charleston Date Ideas for Couples

Top 6 Summertime Charleston Date Ideas

Whether you’re visiting Charleston or want a day out with your special someone, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Charleston date ideas for this summer. Whether you’re a planner or prefer the spontaneity of the day, we’ve got some fabulous ways to impress that special person.

1. Charleston Parks

Charleston, South Carolina is known for picturesque parks. If you’re looking for one of our top Charleston date ideas, we recommend heading over to one of Charleston’s parks. We guarantee there is no better way to spend time outdoors than enjoying the area’s scenic beauty. If you’re feeling more adventurous, make it a picnic date and grab some sandwiches.

2. Kayak Exploration

The Lowcountry’s waterways are teaming with beauty and wonder. Rent a canoe or a kayak to explore the waterways, creeks and rivers. You’ll likely see the abundant wildlife that inhabits the Lowcountry’s wetlands, including alligators, dolphins and herons.

3. Explore the Isle of Palms

Twelve miles from historic Charleston lies the Isle of Palms, between the Atlantic Ocean and the the Intracoastal Waterway. Featuring stunning beaches, a marina, golf and tennis, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with this scenic area.

4. Cypress Gardens

If your special someone is a fan of The Notebook, you can recreate the swan boat scene at Cypress Gardens.

5. Secret Alleyways in Charleston

If you enjoy history and strolling through the city, the streets of Charleston feature more than 350 astounding years of history. Whether you enjoy seeing antebellum dwellings, ironwork on fences, hitching posts from bygone eras or copper lanterns, the architectural history of Charleston is mesmerizing. Charleston features nine of the Holy City’s hidden pathways, including Horlbeck Alley, Unity Alley, Stoll’s Alley, St. Michael’s Alley, Price’s Alley, Philadelphia Alley, Longitude Lane, Bedon’s Alley and Unitarian Church Graveyard. We recommend taking a tour if you’re into history and want to learn more about the hidden alleyways.

6. Sunset Stroll on Sullivan’s Island

The serene sanctuary of Sullivan’s Island is settled by Charleston Harbor and near Isle of Palms. Featuring wide beaches, local restaurants and shops, this 3.3-mile island is especially picturesque at sunset, making it a top destination for a romantic sunset stroll.


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