Top Rated Trick or Treat Safety Tips on Halloween


Top Rated Trick or Treat Safety Tips on HalloweenTrick or Treat: Safety Tips on Halloween

Fall is in the air, and nothing quite beckons in the crisp cool climate like Halloween. This fun-filled holiday isn’t just for children; many adults join in on the festivities. So it’s crucial to take security precautions, whether staying in or going out, which is why we are outlining safety tips on Halloween.

Top Safety Tips on Halloween

Here are some safety tips on Halloween to keep your family safe and give you peace of mind.

  • If you aren’t home, don’t make it obvious. If you plan on going out for Halloween, don’t make it obvious your home is unattended. Keep your lights inside on. If you want to leave candies on your porch, remember to leave outdoor lights on. Another option is to keep your outdoor lights off to help deter trick-or-treaters. Always enable your HomeSmart security system when you’re not home.
  • Secure all windows and doors. Whether you’re gone or staying in, it’s essential to always secure your windows and doors. While you’ll likely be opening your front door throughout the night, it’s critical to ensure that all other points of entry, including windows and side doors, are locked and secure. We recommend locking your door in between trick-or-treaters too.
  • Keep garage doors closed at all times. Garage doors are an easy way for criminals to gain access to your home and your valuables. If you can park your vehicles inside your garage, we recommend doing so, especially with catalytic converter thefts on the rise. Additionally, always remember to lock the door from your home into your garage.
  • Keep lights on inside your home. It’s a good general rule of thumb to leave lights on inside your home whether you’re home or not, even if you’re in bed and asleep.
  • Installing motion sensor lights could deter criminals. If you don’t have motion sensor lights, you may consider installing them. Motion-activated lights are triggered if someone sneaks onto your property and could deter criminals from further mischief.
  • Determine when you’ll stop handing out candy. Many communities have timelines for when homes can distribute candy. Check with your local neighborhood and decide when you’ll stop handing out candy. Once that time arrives, turn off your front lights and double-check that your door is securely locked.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to authorities. You may want to chalk up suspicious behavior on Halloween to kids being kids, but if you’re unsure about something that doesn’t look or feel right, listen to your gut instinct and contact your local police or sheriff’s department.

Safety Tips on Halloween and HomeSmart Security

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