Updated MyWiFi Xtreme App With Streamlined Features


Check out Home Telecom’s updated MyWiFi Xtreme App, which includes all new streamlined features to help simplify your life and connectivity.

Ring in the New Year with the newly updated MyWiFi Xtreme App! Home Telecom’s MyWiFi Xtreme app received a new, more customer-friendly update, and our 22.4 release includes features to help simplify your life.

MyWiFi Xtreme App Bill Pay Feature

Home Telecom customers can now quickly and conveniently pay their bills directly through the MyWiFi Xtreme app. Follow these steps to pay your bill through the secure app quickly.

  1. On the MyWiFi Xtreme app home screen, select the tool/gear menu on the bottom right. 

  2. Select Contact Support.

  3. Select the Billing option. 

MyWiFi Xtreme App Equipment Check Feature

Our latest MyWiFi Xtreme app update offers Legacy WiFi Device Alerts. With this newest feature, you can easily see if equipment on your home network is causing slowdowns, preventing your network from performing at high-capacity speeds. In addition, if you have a device causing your network to slow down, you can set up a notification alert. This feature will help you quickly troubleshoot WiFi issues.

Other Helpful MyWiFi Xtreme App Feature Updates

The latest MyWiFi Xtreme app update includes various helpful new features that customers will enjoy.

  • Change SSID and Passwords – Quickly change your network’s SSID and passwords within the app without calling Home Telecom’s customer service team.

  • Speed Tests – Run internet speed tests directly from the app. Customers can rest assured they will get the most accurate speed tests through the updated app. 

  • Profiles – Create and assign device profiles to see who is on your network. Customers can easily assign content filters to devices or remove devices from the wireless network.

  • Guest Networks – Create and set up guest and work-from-home networks.

  • Parental Controls – Parents can set up and modify parental controls for kids’ devices and view advanced network security options.

  • Push Notifications – Push notifications will ensure that customers stay updated on all new, important Home Telecom news.

  • Security Threats – View all blocked threats, viruses and network intrusions straight from the MyWiFi Xtreme app. 

  • Device Priorities – Set device priorities that require additional bandwidth during specific times. This feature is excellent for work-from-home devices or limiting kids’ streaming data after bedtimes. 

  • Content Restrictions – Restrict content based on the category to prevent children from accessing websites, such as violent videos, gambling, web advertisements, VPNs and much more.

  • Default Restrictions – Block DNS over HTTPS, specific applications, websites, add YouTube restrictions and much more directly from the app. 

Download the MyWiFi Xtreme App Today

We’ve only highlighted a few of the fantastic features that the MyWi Xtreme App offers. Download the app today (iOS or Android) to see how it can help simplify your life by giving you more control over your Home Telecom MyWiFi account. To learn more about MyWiFi Xtreme and to know if it’s a good fit for your family, visit our website for more information


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