What is Video-on-Demand and HomeStream TV?


You’ve probably heard about live streaming and Video-on-Demand Streaming (VOD) in today's modern high-tech world. But what exactly are these types of service, and how do they benefit you?

Traditional cable relies on a large physical box that hooks up to your TV and wall. You can only get the subscribed cable channels through the TV with that specific direct cable box input. This means that if you add a TV to your kids’ room and don’t have an additional cable box, you’re destined to have your kids watch rerun DVDs while you find “Let It Go” stuck on auto-repeat in your head.

HomeStream TV for Video-on-Demand Streaming

Now, enter modern technology with HomeStream TV. Here are the top benefits of subscribing to this service.

1. Video-on-Demand Streaming on Multiple Devices

Imagine you want to add a TV that has internet connection capabilities to your child’s room. With HomeStream TV, you can simply login in with your user name and password, set any child-specific limitations and features, and quickly access all the channels you get with cable - forgoing the cost and hassle of an additional cable input box. Now your children can catch the latest episodes of their favorite cartoons and educational programs.

2. Ditch the Box with Video-on-Demand Streaming

Today’s decor styles often have TVs mounted on the walls, and unsightly cable wires and boxes can ruin your home’s aesthetic. Ditch the box and wires and use HomeStream TV. You won’t miss out on any of the traditional cable channels, but you’ll be able to easily stream and view channels in any room in your home, provided you have an internet connection and compatible device, such as a SmartTV, laptop, computer, tablet or phone.

3. Multiple Devices for Streaming

Even if you don’t have extra TVs in your home, if you have guests visiting, you can easily set them up with a tablet or laptop computer to catch the latest episode of “Dancing with the Stars” or their favorite sporting event.

4. Forgo Complicated Input Systems

If you have several devices hooked up to your TVs, such as speakers, BluRay and a cable box, it’s often a pain to have to flip through different HDMI inputs. Usually, your cable box is HDMI 1, and Netflix or Google Play is on HDMI 2. Systems like this are often complicated, especially for children to operate. With HomeStream TV, you can find the app alongside your other favorite apps, making it easier to manage your TV. HomeStream TV allows you to consolidate search capabilities and not flip around to different inputs, saving you time and frustration.

5. Enhanced HomeStream TV Features

HomeStream TV offers a variety of robust viewing services.

  • Once you download the HomeStream TV app, subscribe to the service and log in. You can create specific profiles for every member of your household.
  • Enjoy personalized show and movie recommendations for each user.
  • See what you recently watched and quickly pick up where you left off.
  • Set a pin to restrict kids from viewing inappropriate, mature content.
  • Pause and rewind live TV. You can also start over and re-watch shows.
  • Search by sports, movies, news, kids and more.
  • Set a recording for live or upcoming shows or movies, including series or episodes.
  • Search using voice function or type in the name of an actor, show or movie.
  • Watch TV from the comfort of your home.
  • Variety of Video-on-Demand streaming shows and movies available at no additional cost.

6. Cost-Savings

If you forgo paying for cable box services, you’ll save money with HomeStream TV. Whether you want basic channels or a more robust, comprehensive channel lineup, Home Telecom has you covered. You can also add-on any specific services you would like, such as premium movies, sports packages and cloud DVR (beyond the standard 50 hours). View our comprehensive list to see if your current devices are compatible with HomeStream TV.

Learn more about HomeStream TV here.


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