Streaming vs. Live Streaming: What Is It and How Does It Work?


streaming vs. live streaming

Streaming vs. live streaming. Streaming is a word that you’ve probably seen and heard all over today’s modern world, but what exactly is streaming? 
Streaming is defined as the continuous transmission of video and audio files over a wired or wireless internet connection. That means that any live or recorded media content that is delivered by mobile devices, TVs or computers and played back in real-time is a form of streaming. Popular streaming content includes TV shows, webcasts, movies, music, podcasts and videos. 

How Exactly Does Streaming Work?

Video, music and other visual media files are prearranged and then transmitted into sequential data packets, so they are then assembled and streamed instantaneously. Years ago, traditional downloads required storage space on your computer, and you probably had to delete them once you played them due to their large size. Today, all you need to stream is a reliable and fast internet connection, including a subscription to a streaming app or service and a compatible device. 

What’s the Difference Between Streaming vs. Live Streaming?

Is there really a difference between streaming vs. live streaming? Yes! Regular streaming is an event that is pre-recorded and played back. Live streaming is when the event or broadcast is occurring live in real life while you watch it. Often sporting events, award shows or other special one-time events are streamed live. 
Additionally, another form of live streaming occurs on social media platforms and channels. For example, you can watch celebrities on Instagram Live or Facebook Live on compatible TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones, and even over gaming connections. 

What Are Streaming Devices?

Now that you know more about streaming, you may be wondering what streaming-compatible devices are. There are many different streaming devices available. Whether you need internal storage, hands-free options or 4K accessibility, there’s a streaming device to meet your needs. Just remember to purchase streaming devices from reputable companies. 

What Are Popular Streaming Apps?

Much like apps for your phone, there are a variety of apps that focus on streaming content. YouTube TV and Netflix are probably the two most popular and well-known services with apps that you can stream on the go. However, remember that HomeStream TV lets you cut the cord and stream all your favorite channels without a traditional cable box. 

Internet for Streaming

You now know that you need the internet for streaming, but it’s important to note that streaming requires a high speed for optimal performance. While many streaming services offer the minimum speed recommendations, it’s vital to remember that the higher the resolution, such as 4K, the more speed you will need to have an effortless, uninterrupted movie streaming experience. 

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