Troubleshooting Common Wi-Fi Issues


Troubleshooting Common Wi-Fi Issues

Common Wi-Fi Issues

Today, one of the biggest challenges with consumer internet is Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi can be complicated. While Wi-Fi may seem straightforward to some, hidden Wi-Fi issues can affect the quality of your overall internet experience.

Wi-Fi Issues: Quality

Unbeknownst to many, the quality of your internet experience greatly varies when you are on Wi-Fi. If your device is within reasonable range of your router, your experience will likely be good and you’ll be satisfied with data transmission speeds. However, suppose you’re not within distance of your router. In that case, you may experience transmission delays, which often causes consumers to assume it’s the internet’s quality or a service-related issue when, in reality, it’s the router’s placement in the home.

We interviewed Earl Smith, Jr., Home Telecom’s Customer Service Manager, about common types of Wi-Fi issues. Earl is certified in A+, Network+, Security+ Certified and is Cisco CCNA: Introduction to Networks-Instructor Qualified. Earl said, “Let’s say we install your service and do a Wi-Fi birth certificate (which helps the device prove its identity when logging into your network). Everything is going great, and your Wi-Fi is giving you optimal speed. However, you eventually buy a new smart TV and install it in your home, but its location is significantly further from your router. You will likely experience latency and buffering and have a poor and frustrating internet experience.”

Wi-Fi Issues: Solutions

Fortunately, there are solutions to Wi-Fi issues that may arise. Smith also notes that “Home Telecom offers solutions for Wi-Fi issues. We offer mesh devices, which help expand your home’s Wi-Fi signal and area. We now offer 2GB with up to three free mesh units to further help expand home Wi-Fi coverage and prevent Wi-Fi issues. However, our team is equipped to determine how many mesh units are needed based on the home’s size, the routers’ location and devices connected to Wi-Fi.”

While more mesh routers may seem like the logical conclusion to Wi-Fi issues, they can worsen Wi-Fi issues if they are positioned too closely in the home, as they will fight each other for coverage on the same channel.

Additionally, understanding the differences between 2GHz and 5GHz channels is also important. While 2GHz goes further in the home, it does experience more limited speeds. Unfortunately, 5GHz cannot travel the distances of 2GHz, but if you are within range, you will experience faster speeds.

Home Telecom’s Customer Service Team Can Help Resolve Wi-Fi Issues

Home Telecom’s customer service team is available to help troubleshoot any Wi-Fi issues you may be experiencing. Contact us today if you have any Wi-Fi issue-related questions.


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