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We understand that change can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to technology and how we access our favorite programs. At Home Telecom, we have always been committed to making your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

If you're not quite ready to make the switch to streaming entertainment and are concerned about missing out on local news, we've got a solution for you. The answer lies in a simple yet effective technology: the trusty antenna.

Why Antennas Are a Great Choice

Using an antenna to access local news is not only a cost-effective solution but also one that's reliable and backed by government regulations. Here's why it's a great choice:

1. You get free access to local news. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that local news broadcasts must be available for free over the air. This means that you can access your local news channels without any subscription.

2. There are no additional charges. There is a lot that goes into our programming agreements with broadcasters that charge TV providers, like Home Telecom, for access to their channels, which can result in additional costs for customers. By using an antenna, you can avoid these extra charges.

3. You can count on being prepared in emergencies. It's crucial to have access to local news, especially in emergencies or during severe weather conditions. Antennas ensure you can stay informed even when other services might be down.

4. You still get access to other local channel content. By switching to an antenna, you can access a variety of channels, including WCSC-CBS, WCIV-ABC, WCBD-NBC, and WTAT-FOX. But that's not all; you'll also have access to additional channels like The Circle, Bounce, Grit, Comet, Justice, MyNetworkTV, Stadium, The CW, and NewsNation.

So, where do you get your antenna?

Getting an antenna is easer than you might think. You can find them at various retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon to name a few.

How do you set up your antenna?

Setting up an antenna is a straightforward process. Once you've purchased your antenna, follow these simple steps to start enjoying free local news and more:

1. Depending on your location and the range of local broadcast towers, select an antenna that suits your needs. Indoor antennas are sufficient for many, while those in more remote areas may require outdoor models. So do your research and choose the option that works best for you!

2. Next, connect the antenna to your televison. Most modern TVs have a designated input for antenna cables. You may need to perform a channel scan to detect available channels.

3. You may have to take some time and find the best location for your antenna. Higher placement and closer proximity to windows often lead to better reception.

4. Finally, you should be ready to use your TV's remote control to tune in to local channels. You should then have access to local news and the channels listed above.

At Home Telecom, we are committed to providing you with options that suit your needs. While HomeStream TV offers a fantastic range of services, we understand that you may not be ready to fully enjoy streaming entertainment. Using an antenna to access local news is not just an excellent alternative; it's also a way to ensure you stay connected to critical information during emergencies.

We value you and are dedicated to being "easy to do business with." Your satisfaction remains our top priority. Thank you for choosing Home Telecom, where staying connected is made easy!

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