DSL Video Upgrades
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Upgrade now and get affordable HDTV, DVR, live concerts, sporting events and multiplex movie packages from the best in video content providers like HBO.

Add additional digital equipment like gateways and converters and bring the highest quality in digital entertainment to every room in your home.

Save when you Bundle!

Additional Video Streams

2nd Video Stream

$5.95 per month

3rd Video Stream

$5.95 per month

4th Video Stream

$19.95 per month

5th Video Stream

$5.95 per month

*All prices include a RAP and remote


One-Time Installation Fees


Enables sharing a video stream.


Video Outlet


Movie Packages**

We offer multiplex movie packages. When you subscribe to HBO, you'll also receive HBO2, HBO Signature, HBO Comedy, HBO Zone and HBO Family FREE! Enjoy the same benefit with Showtime, Cinemax and Starz/Encore.

HBO Multiplex

$17.95 per month

Showtime Multiplex

$14.95 per month

Cinemax Multiplex

$12.95 per month

Starz/Encore Multiplex

$14.95 per month

* At the time of the initial installation
** Essential or Premium service required