What is Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH)?

FTTH refers to Home Telecom's network that utilizes fiber optic cables and associated optical electronics instead of copper or coaxial wire to connect a customer to the Home Telecom network. Fiber optic cables consist of bundles of hair thin glass strands that carry laser generated pulses of light to transmit the voice, data and video signals to your home at rates that far exceed today's copper-coax systems.

A termination point called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) receives the fiber and converts the optical signals into voice, data, or video feeds. ONTs also come with a "battery backup" feature that will provide power for voice services during any power outage.

What does FTTH offer that differs from what I have today? back to top

FTTH delivers high-speed broadband connections and high-quality visual (graphic) content. With Fiber TV, internet and phone services, customers receive a truly amazing picture, the fastest download speeds with matching upload speeds up to 100 Mbps and the latest telephone features including Unified Messaging all over a 100% fiber optic network connected directly to your home. Fiber enables a wide array of applications, including interactive content and home shopping, telecommuting, and telemedicine.

FTTH also provides customers with increased reliability in service that is less susceptible to inclement weather, such as lightning and easier to maintain remotely. Potential network issues can be identified and resolved seamlessly to the customer.

The aesthetics of FTTH is another value added feature. No more large green boxes in your front yard to try to hide. FTTH pedestals are completely flush with your grass, so you can keep your front yard looking great and free of clutter.

What are the benefits of Fiber TV? back to top

Currently, Fiber TV offers 167 digital channels, plus 67 HD channels.

Fiber TV also offers an innovative Interactive Media Guide which provides next-generation, personalized interactive services and Video Recording (DVR). With DVR, you can watch what you want, when you want. Record, pause and rewind your favorite programs, even live TV. Build your own library of your favorite programs and events — store up to 100 hours of standard definition content and up to 50 hours of HD content.

What are the benefits of Fiber Voice? back to top

Fiber Voice is equipped with brilliantly clear sound quality. Fiber customers can enjoy a multitude of features including live voicemail screening and Messaging Unified. With Messaging Unified, you can have your voicemail messages delivered to your email address, so you can be notified and play your voicemail messages from any computer or smart phone device.

What are the benefits of Fiber Internet? back to top

Fiber technology offers unmatched bandwidth capacity. Fiber internet offers download speeds up to 500 Mbps and upload speeds up to 100 Mbps! Fiber customers can do more with the Internet than ever before – download purchased digital movies in a flash, play online games at lightning speed, share large photo files and video chat with friends and family.

How does FTTH support residents who work-at-home? back to top

Fiber has unmatched bandwidth capacity. This capacity can provide you with the flexibility you need to manage multi-tasking and increase time-efficiency while working from home.

In addition, Fiber Voice offers customers more than 20 enhanced calling features, including the new Sim Ring feature. With Sim Ring you can program numerous numbers to ring simultaneously when one number is called. You will never miss another call. But, if you do, Messaging Unified will be sure you receive your voicemail message on your phone and in your email inbox.

What are the future capabilities of Fiber? back to top

Simply put, Fiber is built for the future with endless possibilities. With the unmatched bandwidth capacity Fiber delivers, you will be prepared for all of the next-generation Internet tools and applications.