Fiber Troubleshooting

Follow Our Checklist Procedure
   To Save Making a Service Call


The following checklist could save you a call to our Help Center if you’ve experienced any problems with your phone or internet service. If you do need to call us afterwards, having completed this checklist first will help us figure out your problem much faster.

  • CHECK for outages-- you may be unaware that you are experiencing a power outage.
  • If you’ve DETERMINED that there is not a power outage, please check to see if your UPS is plugged into a working electrical outlet and that the indicator light is on.
  • The above mentioned indicator light will be green (everything operating normally), yellow (commercial A/C power failure, ONT running on battery, video and internet out, phones will work), or completely off (commercial A/C power failure, battery failure, all services are out). If the indicator light is off and the outlet is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), please check to make sure it hasn’t been TRIPPED. If it has been tripped, please reset the outlet.
  • Next, please check the circuit breaker and fuses to ensure the outlet is WORKING. You may need to reset the breaker and replace the fuses.
  • Lastly, please recheck the indicator light on the UPS to see if it is on. If the light is ILLUMINATED, please recheck for service.
Print the Velocity Troubleshooting Checklist
Key for the Warning indicator lights for your Velocity Phone and internet
Checking the indicator lights can save you a call to the Help Center
Checking the indicator lights can save you a call to the Help Center