Will you sell my information to others?

Absolutely not. Home Telecom protects our customers and their account information. We will never sell or share it for any reason. You will only get text messages from Home Telecom related to your account, experience, services, maintenance, or offers.

How much will text messaging Home Telecom cost me?

Home Telecom does not charge to use the messaging service. Customers’ mobile service provider may charge the mobile user to send / receive text messages depending on the terms of their mobile account.

Do I have to participate in the Home Telecom text messaging service?

Home Telecom’s customers do agree to accept text messages per the our Terms and Conditions; however, customers may opt-out at any time by texting STOP to 888-746-4482.

Does Capitalization matter when I am texting Home Telecom?

No. Our texting service recognizes upper and lower-case letters as the same.

What if I get a new mobile number?

Customers must be opted-in to our messaging system again if they get a new mobile phone number – not if they get a new phone with the same number. Please ensure you update your Home Telecom account with your new mobile contact number (and delete the old mobile number).

How do I Opt-Out of or stop receiving text message alerts?

To Opt-Out, text STOP (without additional characters or spaces) to 888-746-4482. Text UNSTOP to opt back in at any time.

Which wireless carriers support Home Telecom’s text message service?

Virtually ALL domestic wireless carriers support this messaging service. For the most current list of those carriers, please see Home Telecom’s Terms and Conditions.

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