MyWiFi Includes:

One time connection

One-time connection of up to 4 wireless enabled devices*

Printer and file sharing

The set up of printer and file sharing

Network Security

The set up of network security to protect you and your personal information

Phone Support

Ongoing phone support for the wireless network and the wireless connection of the devices configured by Home Telecom

Modem troubleshooting

In-home troubleshooting replacement of the Home Telecom installed modem with wireless capability if the wireless network stops functioning as a result of Home Telecom equipment failure


It's important to take the appropriate steps to secure your home wireless network. If you don't secure your wireless network, everything on it, including your personal information, can be accessed by strangers. They may be able to view your files on your computer, read your email, copy your usernames and passwords and slow down your internet connection. MyWiFi from Home Telecom provides fast secure access to the internet on all of your Wi-Fi capable devices.

MyWiFi requires an operating system with Windows XP or above or MAC OSX or above and a wireless networking card in each device being connected.

*Additional $39.95 installation fee applies. Wireless connection of up to four devices is included in the installation, additional devices may be added for $9.95 per device. Devices must be activated with the proper credentials saved prior to your install appointment. Home Telecom cannot install or set up 3rd party applications on your personal devices. Must be a Home Telecom high speed internet subscriber.