RoboSTOP now available as a FREE calling feature!

We can now stop Robocalls using "reputation data" on calling party numbers. Tired of answering your phone only to be greeted by a pre-recorded message, trying to sell you something or encouraging you to vote for a particular person? We have the solution for you.

RoboSTOP will help with these issues:


  • Calls placed by a computerized auto dialer.
  • These calls normally play a pre-recorded message to the called party if they answer.
  • Sometimes when these types of calls are answered, the called party is immediately connected to a call center agent.
  • Robocalls are frequently used by telemarketers and political organizations.

Anonymous Calls

  • In the case of a caller withholding their number, the calling party number is still presented to the telephone network, but with a restricted flag to not pass the information to the called party.
  • This number is passed to the Robocall Blocking service, and is therefore passed through the same evaluation process as other numbers.

** Please note, there is no guarantee all Robocalls will be blocked or that legitimate calls will not be blocked.

Legitimate Calls

  • The technology used and the reputation data provided is able to distinguish genuine callers from other callers by using a variety of techniques and sources of information.
  • It would be rare for a legitimate call to be blocked, however we are able to report mistakenly blocked numbers and request their removal from the database.

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