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E-bill with Auto-Bank Draft

Sign up for e-bill with auto-bank draft!

As a 100 Mbps or higher residential internet subscriber (or a 15 Mbps or higher DSL subscriber), save $10 more per month when you enroll in E-bill with Auto-bank draft! In addition to saving, this convenience will allow you to set it up and forget it. All you need is your bank routing number and bank account number to get signed up today! Paying bills isn’t fun, but it's a routine we all go through every month.

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It's convenient.
E-bill with Auto-Bank Draft allows you to receive your bill via email each month and to have it drafted directly from your bank account automatically! You will no longer need to wait for your bill to arrive via snail mail, write checks, find stamps, remember to mail it in on time or log on to pay online. Everything happens automatically once you are enrolled!

It's reliable.
Your bank pays your bill on the same day every month. All you have to do is make sure there’s enough money in your account. Your bill is still paid on time even if you’re out of town! Also, your payment is included on your bank statement for your personal records.

It's easy.
All you need is your bank routing number and your bank account number which can be found at the bottom of your checks. Please note: you cannot use a debit or credit card to sign up for Auto-Bank Draft. Then, simply fill out the form below to enroll! If you prefer, submit the below form via mail or in person.

It's secure.
At Home Telecom, we value you as a customer and keep your personal information private. All information is protected in a secured environment, and only used for setting up your account with our e-bill system.

Authorization agreement for E-bill with Auto-Bank Draft

I hereby authorize Home Telecom hereinafter called COMPANY, to initiate debit entries, or such entries (debit or credit), which are necessary for corrections, to my indicated bank account. I further authorize the Financial Institution named below, to debit (or credit) the name to such account.

Please sign below:

*For residential customers ONLY. To receive the additional $10 monthly discount, you must subscribe to 100 Mbps or greater internet plan. If you are a customer subscribing to DSL service, 15 Mbps or greater is required. Additionally, customers participating in ACP or our Community Connect Program are not eligible to take advantage of this promotion. Customers already enjoying deeply discounted rates through their HOA will be ineligible to receive this discount. All ineligible customers may still sign up for ebill with auto-bank draft services, even though they will not receive the $10 discount. Other restrictions may apply. 


Q. Will I continue to get a bill?

A. Yes. Once enrolled, you will receive your bill via email each month.

Q. Is there any charge for this service?

A. No. There is no sign-up charge. If your bank charges for electronic transfers, normal charges apply.

Q. What day of the month will my payment be deducted from my bank account?

A. Your payment will be deducted from your account on the 1st, 10th, or 20th of each month depending on your billing cycle. If the date selected for your account falls on a weekend or holiday of any given month, your account will be drafted on the following business day.

Q. What happens if for any reason there isn't enough money in my account?

A. It would be handled by the bank just like an overdrawn "bounced" check.

Q. What should I do to sign up?

A. Please follow the steps above to enroll, or print this form then mail/deliver it to one of the Home Telecom retail centers.

Q. I signed up for a recurring bank payment through the Bill Pay portal on Does that qualify me to receive this discount?

A. Unfortunately, no. If you sign up with Recurring Payments on the Bill Pay portal, you will not receive the discount. Home Telecom requires that you acknowledge your participation in this bank draft offer by signing and providing your information in the manner listed.

Q. I have DSL and can't get 100 Mbps where I am located. Can I sign up for this discount?

A. You can receive the e-bill with auto-bank draft discount in a DSL area if you subscribe to 15 Mbps or a higher internet plan.

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