Understanding Your Bill: Taxes, Fees and Charges

Total taxes, fees, and charges appear on your billing statement under the Account Summary section on the first page of your bill. Frequently asked questions can be found on the second page of your bill. Additional billing information, including a breakdown of your Home Telecom services including pricing, can be found on the third page of your statement.

Below is a sample bill. Please keep in mind your bill will vary from these images based on your selected services.

Bill Page 1
Bill Page 2
Bill Page 3

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Need more information about your bill? Review the links below:

To look up terms of service, price and tariff information, please go to Terms of Service Information.

Below are explanations of what some of those taxes, fees, and charges mean on your bill. Some taxes, fees, and other charges are based on service selection and will not apply to all customers.

Fees/Surcharges (if applicable)

  • Broadcast TV Surcharge

  • E911 Charge (9-1-1 fee)

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Fee

  • Federal Universal Service Fund

  • Franchise Fee

  • Late Payment Fee

  • Line Access

  • Returned Check Charge

  • State Telecommunications Relay Service Charge

  • State Universal Service Fund (USF) Fee


  • County Sales Tax

  • Federal Excise Tax (FET)

  • Local Sales Tax

  • State Sales Tax

Additional Messages

  • For all Home Telecom’s Legal Notices, please click here.

  • Complaint Procedures

  • Franchise Fees

  • Insufficient Funds Payment Policy

  • Past Due Fee / Late Fee Reminder

  • Statements with Zero or Credit Balances

  • Tax and Fees

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Reconnection Fees

  • Voice Fees Charge

Special Note Regarding Phone Taxes:
Government agencies have found phone bills to be an effective way to assess and collect taxes because most people receive one. Those taxes may subsidize various services at the federal, state and local levels (e.g., emergency services, telecommunications services for schools, libraries, health care facilities, etc.). Home Telecom and other companies offering phone service collect the required taxes as part of the total phone bill and send the appropriate amounts back to the taxing agency.

*For Home Telecom customers only. Some taxes, fees, and other charges are based on the service(s) selected and will not apply to all customers.  Other restrictions may apply.

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