Home Buying Guide and Address Internet Availability


Home Buying Guide and Address Internet AvailabilityHome Buying Guide: The Great Search for Address Internet Availability

In today’s pandemic, purchasing a home with fast, reliable internet is no longer a perk but a necessity. So how do you go about ensuring that when you put an offer on a home, it will have the internet speeds you need and require? First, read our helpful guide for buying a home and searching by address internet availability to help find internet providers for address listings.

Address Internet Availability in Rural Areas

If you dwell in a suburban area or a large city, you probably don’t question address internet availability. However, if you’re in the market for a new home, you may be looking at more rural areas. Now that the pandemic has opened up the possibility for remote work, many home buyers are looking at places they never dreamed of, from far-off remote locations to vacation resorts.

Approximately 86 percent of households in the United States have some internet subscription, leaving 12.2 percent without internet access. However, Arkansas, Mississippi and New Mexico have an average of 19.17 percent of homes without internet access. According to Robert Gilbert, CEO of Fiber Homes, nearly 20 million homes throughout the U.S. lack high-speed internet, and most are in rural areas.

Recommendations to Address Internet Availability When Purchasing a Home

When house hunting, it may be easy to assume the listing will include the lack of address internet availability. Still, often this information can be overlooked or isn’t accurate. Additionally, while cable may be available nearby, the system can be at maximum capacity, or running the internet cable a long distance (down a long driveway or on a private road) may be too expensive in some areas.

You may ask yourself what you can do to ensure that you have strong internet access to work remotely before making the biggest purchase of your life: a home.

You may feel the temptation to rely on the home seller’s or real estate agent’s word for internet availability, but we recommend you do research. Contact the local internet provider and inquire about the types of internet services available for that specific address. For example, if the internet provider says the home has fiber-optic access, you will get the most consistent and fastest internet available in today’s market. If the house has cable internet, you will still receive good service, but it might not be guaranteed. However, if the home only has satellite or DSL, your internet quality will be well below what you may need or expect from internet service. Not sure what internet speed you need? Check out Home Telecom’s speed comparisons.

If there is no internet availability, you could ask the local provider how much it would cost to run the lines and install the service to the home, but this could be very expensive.

Home Telecom Offers Address Internet Availability to Greater South Carolina

Home Telecom has partnered with Nexton to deliver GigaFi. This highly connected community offers lightning-fast fiber speeds throughout homes and within the community. Learn more about how this community has been named the best mixed-use community in the U.S.

Learn more about why you should consider looking for Fiber homes in the greater Charleston, South Carolina area. When shopping for a home, if Home Telecom is the service provider, contact us for more information about address internet availability, and visit FiberHomes.com to see Fiber in your area.


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