Getting Ready for the Internet of Things Explosion


Getting Ready for the Internet of Things Explosion

The Internet of Things is here, and it’s exploding! The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to devices connected to the Internet, such as your Smartphone, Smart TV, Alexa devices, Apple Watch, Nest thermostat or even your refrigerator. These devices collect and send data over the Internet.

Connected Internet of Things Devices

There were more than 8.6 billion Internet-enabled devices connected to the Internet of Things in 2019, and today there are over 13.1 billion. This staggering increase means that the capacity of a community’s internet network must be prepared to keep up with the consumer demands of the future.

Home Telecom and Nexton Embrace the Future of the Internet of Things

Years ago, Home Telecom forecasted this shift and reset the bar for broadband excellence in South Carolina with Gigabit Internet in Nexton – the GigaFi experience.

In December 2013, when Nexton announced its technology partnership with Home Telecom, intending to be the most technologically advanced community in the region, becoming the first Gigabit community in South Carolina was just the beginning.

Analysts estimate by 2030, there will be 29.4 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things. So it’s time to raise the bar again to ensure the GigaFi Internet network is ready and Nexton remains the most technologically advanced community in the region.

On October 19, 2015, Home Telecom, Nexton’s technology partner, announced it would partner with its gigabit fiber partner, Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX), to bring a multi-gigabit experience to the Nexton community. As a result, in 2018, residents and businesses in Nexton had access to the Internet of Things with speeds up to 10 Gbps – upstream and downstream. Fast forward to 2022, where we have utilized that technology to provide even more affordable 5 Gig and 8 Gig service to businesses and Nexton residents now have 2-Gig speed!

Speed is another critical component of the GigaFi experience. The speed that data is generated and moved around is extraordinary. For example, over 149,513 emails are sent every minute, more than 4 million likes on Facebook, nearly 6,000 tweets, 243,055 photos are uploaded to Facebook, and 500 hours of video to YouTube. Besides, think of all the web searches conducted (about 3.6 billion daily for Google alone) and the millions of credit card transactions.

Nexton is now streaming 2-Gig speeds to the community. Higher internet speeds mean more devices can seamlessly connect to your network and run simultaneously. So you can enjoy lightning-fast upload and download speeds, whether you’re surfing the web, streaming music, checking email, playing games online, live-streaming, video chatting, or streaming 4K movies. Visit GigaFi to see how much faster 2 Gbps Internet service is compared to the current average Internet service.

GigaFi is ready for the future of the Internet of Things, and as a Nexton business or resident, you can rest assured your Internet service will always be prepared to handle the next big thing.

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