Your Go-To Spring Cleaning Checklist for 2024


Spring Cleaning Checklist

Top Spring Cleaning Checklist and Spring Cleaning Tips

If it feels like 2024 is flying by, you’re not alone. Spring is in the air, and spring cleaning is the one must-do activity lurking around the corner. Whether you love this time of year and jump in full force to embrace your spring cleaning checklist, or whether you feel like it’s the dreaded monster in the back of your closet, we’ve got you covered with helpful spring cleaning tips.

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Checklist Tips

Whether you love or dread chores, these helpful tips will ensure you tackle your spring cleaning chores.

  1. Break Up Cleaning

    While some people prefer the spring cleaning marathon, we recognize that a go-getter attitude isn’t for everyone. We find that it’s easier to break spring cleaning into productive tasks. For example, assign three 10-minute tasks daily or one 30-minute task. By breaking up the spring cleaning checklist into digestible tasks, you’ll be able to accomplish more without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Shower Cleaning

    If your shower looks like a germ-studded fiasco after you do a thorough, deep clean, we have some helpful, nearly effortless ways to maintain that shower sparkle year-round.

    • Squeegee – Buy a squeegee and keep it in the shower. Slide the squeegee down the walls from top to bottom after every shower.
    • Spritz Daily – Use a non-toxic cleaner to spray the walls daily to prevent soap scum and mold from building up.
  3. Dusting Blinds

    If you’re like most people who dread dusting blinds, rest assured you’re not alone. However, spring marks more daylight hours, meaning cleaning our window treatments. Here are some valuable tips for dusting your blinds.

    • Dry Dust – Use a dry microfiber cloth to help pick up the dust. Avoid adding any water, which will make a sticky mess.
    • Blind Dusting Tools – Look for vacuum attachments specifically for blinds or blind dusting tools to help you clean multiple blind slats at once.
    • Removing Dirt – If your blinds are dirty from kid handprints or dog noses, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Dampen an old sock with the vinegar and water solution; put your hand inside and run it over the blind slats. Make sure to leave the blinds open so they are completely dry.
  4. High Touch Surfaces

    Don’t forget to clean all the high-touch surfaces in your home, such as light switches, light switch plates, doorknobs, faucets, TV remotes and appliance handles.

  5. Clean Baseboards

    While baseboards don’t appear to be an obvious cleaning task in homes, it’s necessary not to overlook the importance of cleaning them. Look for a vacuum brush attachment or a microfiber cloth mop to help remove dust. You can spot-wipe them clean with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Remember to dry them off with a clean microfiber cloth.

  6. Dust All Ceiling Fans

    With warmer weather around the corner, you’ll likely use your ceiling fans. Instead of spraying dust particles all over your clean home, ensure you don’t overlook dusting your ceiling fans. We recommend placing an old sheet on the ground before you start and using a solid ladder to avoid any safety issues. You can opt for a special fan blade duster or place pillowcases over each blade and slide it towards you to remove the dust.

  7. Refrigerator Cleaning

    Check all expiration dates, remove all food and thoroughly clean all spills with a multi-purpose disinfectant spray. Don’t forget to clean the drawers and your freezer, too. We recommend vacuuming the dust from the coils behind the refrigerator to help improve energy efficiency.

  8. Wash Shower Curtains

    Often overlooked, we recommend washing your shower curtain at least every spring to help reduce mildew and mold. While shower curtains are usually dryer-friendly, liners will need to be air-dried.

  9. Toss Expired Products

    Make a point of tossing all expired products every spring, including medications, makeup, personal products, pet products and anything expired in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

  10. Clean Your Car

    We know this extends beyond the routine home spring cleaning checklist, but why not start by purging junk and excess clutter in your car this spring? If you’re unsure where to start, check out this article.

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