When enabled, this service redirects calls that you receive to one or more alternate telephone numbers. You may configure multiple destinations to ring in turn, simultaneously, or a combination of the two.

To enable: *421

To disable: *432

To Edit Your Find-Me-Follow-Me Telephone Numbers...

Or to enable or disable the service through the CommPortal web interface follow the directions below.

Go to the CommPortal web interface located at

Log In using your 10-digit phone number and your voicemail PIN number. If you do not have voicemail or do not know your PIN contact Home Telecom at 888.746.4482 to retrieve your password.

To Enable or Disable...

Clicking the checkbox next to Forward calls allows you to receive your calls to one or more alternate destinations. This change will not actually be applied until you subsequently click on the APPLY button.

To configure this service, you must define a number of RULES. Each rule defines a destination you want to ring when you receive a call and how long you wish that destination to ring for. Each rule is assigned to a numbered STEP. As soon as you receive a call, all destinations referred to by rules in step 1 begin to ring simultaneously. As soon as the last of these destinations has completed ringing, all destinations referred to by rules in step 2 begin to ring simultaneously and so on. This continues until the call is answered or all configured destinations have been rung. You can have up to a maximum of 6 steps and multiple rules may be assigned to each step.

Add, Edit or Delete Rules

You may add new rules, or edit/delete existing rules.

To Add a New Rule...

Click the ADD RULE button. Enter the configuration for the new rule as described below and then press the OK button to create the new rule, or CANCEL to discard the rule.

To Edit a Rule...

Click on the colored bar that represents it and select EDIT this rule. Make the desired changes to the rule configuration and click the OK or CANCEL buttons to accept or discard your changes.

To Delete a Rule

Click on the colored bar that represents it and select DELETE this rule.

None of these changes will actually be applied until you click the APPLY button on the main Follow Me configuration screen. Clicking the CANCEL button on the main configuration screen, discards all changes made to Follow Me configuration since you last pressed APPLY.

To Configure Find-Me-Follow-Me...

Define 1 or more rules. For each rule, the following information must be input:

Destination to Ring

This field allows you to select from one of the following:

My phone:
Use this value if you wish to ring your own number.
Your forwarding destinations:
You may configure these destinations by clicking the Forwarding Destinations link
Use this value if you wish to explicitly enter a telephone number for the destination you wish to ring.
How Long you Wish the Destination to Ring
Each step can ring between 1 and 60 seconds. A ring lasts 6 seconds.
This defines which step the rule belongs to. As above, all destinations referred to by rules in step one ring first, then those referred to by rules in step two and so on. You may have a maximum of six steps.
Permit Forwarding
This defines whether or not the destination configured by this rule is allowed to forward the call (e.g. to the voicemail of one of the destination numbers or to another telephone number).
If any of the destinations you configure to ring forward the call to voicemail then this will count as the call being answered and no further destinations will be tried. This can be avoided by setting this value to NO for all destinations other than the last one you wish to ring.
This is a friendly name (e.g. Mom’s mobile) that you wish to refer to the rule by.
Your own number will only ring if you configure a rule with your phone number as the destination.

Having made any alterations to your Find-Me-Follow-Me configuration, you must click on the APPLY button to commit your changes, or the CANCEL button to discard your changes.