When enabled, this service redirects calls that you receive to multiple telephone numbers simultaneously. Any of the destinations can pick up the call, at which point all the others stop ringing. For example, each mobile phone in your household can be set to ring when your home phone is called.

To enable: *371

To disable: *372

To Edit Your SimRing Telephone Numbers...

Or to enable or disable the service through the CommPortal web interface follow the directions below.

Go to the CommPortal web interface located at

Log in using your 10-digit phone number and your voicemail PIN number. If you do not have voicemail or do not know your PIN, contact Home Telecom at 888.746.4482 to retrieve your password.

To Enable or Disable...

clicking the checkbox next to SimRing allows incoming calls to simultaneously ring a number of phone numbers. This change will not actually be applied until you subsequently click on the APPLY button.

To Delete an Existing SimRing Destination

Click the X icon next to the entry that you wish to delete.

To Delete All of Your SimRing Destinations

Press the CLEAR LIST button.

To Add Additional SimRing Destinations

You must configure the following information:

This is the number to which your calls will be redirected. This should be entered as a 10-digit number.
This defines whether or not this destination is allowed to forward the call (e.g. to the voicemail of one of the SimRing numbers or to another telephone number). Note: if any of the destination numbers forward the call to voicemail then this will count as the call being answered and all the numbers will stop ringing.
A friendly name (e.g. Mom's mobile) by which you will recognize this number in your SimRing list.

Note: Your own number will always ring, so you should not include it in your list of destinations.

Having made any alterations to your list of SimRing destinations, you must click on the APPLY button to commit your changes, or the CANCEL button to discard your changes.