Remote DVR
Scheduling FAQs for Customers

Q. What is Remote DVR Scheduling?
A. Remote DVR Scheduling allows our DVR customers to schedule and manage their Home Telecom DVR remotely by connecting their DVR set-top box to a TV Listings grid accessed from a link on You must register your DVR in the TV Listings site to enable Remote Record capabilities.
Q. What features are available with the Remote DVR Scheduling?
A. Several features are available:
  • TV Listings with up to 14-day look-ahead
  • Filter TV Listings by genre such as Movies, Kids or HD
  • Schedule a one-time or series recording (DVR customers only)
  • Manage Scheduled Recordings (DVR customers only)
  • Search for shows
  • Access celebrity bios and fast facts
Q. How do I register and link my DVR to the Remote DVR Scheduling online?

A. Beginning at the DVR in your home, follow these few simple steps to get started:

  • Using your interactive remote control, press MENU TWICE to go to the Main Menu, select Setup, then select Remote Access Setup.
  • Select “Begin Setup” to receive a “Temporary Code”
  • Write down the “Temporary Code” and then proceed to as stated in the on-screen message.
  • Once you are at the TV Listings website, select “Sign In” (top left of the TV Listings grid) then “Don’t have an account? Click here to create one.” Next, you will need to follow a 3-step process to: 1) Create a Username; 2) Choose your Channel Lineup (Moncks Corner-Berkeley Cable Television) and 3) Add the DVR. During the final step of the Sign In process, you will be prompted to enter the “Temporary Code” that you received from the message on your TV.
  • Select “Submit” to complete the registration. The DVR will be registered and authenticated for the Remote DVR Scheduling Service. You can begin using the services instantaneously. While the DVR is syncing to the online grid, your DVR usage gauge will read 100%.
  • If you have more than one DVR, you can add additional DVRs under the “Manage” tab by selecting “Add DVRs”. You will be prompted to enter another “Temporary Code” which can be found by following the above steps.
Q. What happens if I replace my DVR after I’ve set up Remote Scheduling?

A. You will need to register the new DVR in order to manage scheduled recordings. You will be able to use the same username and password; however, you should click “Unregister” next to the old DVR so there is no confusion when scheduling a recording. Previously scheduled recordings on the old DVR will not be transferred to the new DVR.

Q. How does a customer Sign In once an account has been established?

A. Simply go to www.HomeSC.comand select “Sign In” to enter your User Name and Password.

Q. Can another household member create their own account for the same DVR?

A. No. Once the DVR has been registered and authenticated, it can’t be registered again, unless Remote Access has been deactivated for the set-top box. Only then can this DVR be registered to another username.

Q. Do household members need to use the same user name and password to access TV Listings and Remote Record?

A. Yes – in order to manage the same DVR. However, different accounts can be created to manage different DVRs within the home.

Q. How can I browse TV Listings by time and days?

A. There are several ways to navigate the TV Listings Grid:

  • Select the “Calendar” icon to jump ahead to a specific day – up to 14 days in advance (similar to your interactive guide experience)
  • “Prime Time” jumps to Prime Time Hours of the current day (8pm – 10pm)
  • “Now” takes you back to the current day and time
  • Slide the green “time bar” at the top of the grid to view specific hours of the day
  • Use the scroll bar at the right side of the screen to scroll up and down the grid by channel
Q. How can I access program and cast info?

A. Just click on any program title to show program details including a brief synopsis, ratings and a cast list. From here, you can click on a cast member for a biography, or select the Record button to schedule a recording.

Q. Can I filter the Listings Grid by type or genre?

A. Yes. Select one of the 8 genre options just above the time bar on the Listings Grid.

For example, if you select Movies, any network that is showing a movie will be included in the filtered listings grid. Genres are color-coded for easy reference.

Q. How can I schedule my DVR for a one-time recording?

A. Just follow these easy steps:

  • From a computer, laptop or other web-enabled device, log into
  • If there is more than one DVR in the home, select which DVR you would like to record to from the drop down menu in the upper right corner of the listings grid(i.e. – Living Room, My Room, etc).
  • Select a program from the TV Listings Grid to view Program Info, which includes a red “Record” button. Simply click on “Record” to schedule a recording.
  • The pop-up box provides the same recording options that you have in the interactive guide on your DVR. Select “Schedule Recording” to confirm your selection.
    • Note: A confirmation of the request to record or, if there’s a conflict, a conflict message will appear.
  • You can review your Scheduled Recordings list on the My DVR tab or on your DVR at home.

NOTE: There may be a short delay between the time a recording is scheduled remotely and when it appears on the Scheduled Recordings list.

Q. Can I schedule series recordings remotely?

A. Yes. Select “Series” from the recording window. Choose your Recording Settings and select “Schedule Recording” to confirm.

Q. How can I manage my series recording priorities?

A. When scheduling or modifying a series recording, select “Lowest” or “Highest” Series Priority in the Recording Settings. In the event of a recording conflict, a Series with “Highest” priority will record first. If more than one Series is scheduled remotely and all are designated with “Highest”, the most recent one scheduled will be the first on the Series Priority list.

Q. How do I resolve recording conflicts?

A. If you schedule a recording from the TV Listings grid and there are already two currently scheduled recordings, you will be notified to resolve the conflict by either continuing to “Schedule Anyway” or to “Go Back” to modify the recording settings by selecting “Record This” if a conflict occurs.

Q. What happens when the Record button is selected and I have not signed in to the Remote DVR Services?

A. You must be logged in to the TV Listings grid on in order to access Remote Record features. You will be considered a guest with no DVR capabilities until you sign in. Guest users selecting the Record button will be prompted to Sign In to access Remote Record features.

Q. Why do some channels not show the Record option?

A. Certain channels are not enabled for Remote DVR Scheduling. You are unable to remotely schedule recordings for Galaxie Music Channels or any channel without individual program listings.

Q. How can I view and modify Scheduled Recordings online?

A. Select the My DVR tab to view a list of Scheduled Recordings.

  • Select a specific program from the list to Modify or Cancel the recording. Select Series Manager to view and modify Series.
  • Recordings list includes icons to indicate one-time or series recordings, canceled recordings and your auto-record items – for example if you’ve scheduled to record an Actor/Director or Keyword from the Settop Box. The same icons that appear on the settop box indicate type of recording.
  • You can also view a DVR disk space gauge to see how much room is available on a particular DVR.

NOTE: If you are not signed in to the TV Listings grid, you will be unable to see the My DVR tab to view the Scheduled Recordings.

Q. Does the online TV Listings display all scheduled recordings or only those scheduled from the web?

A. The Scheduled Recordings list includes all recordings regardless of whether they were scheduled remotely or from your DVR.

Q. Can I cancel or modify a scheduled recording?
A. Yes. A scheduled recording can be modified or canceled remotely. You can do this from the Listings Grid (scheduled recordings have a red dot icon), or from the My DVR tab. Follow the on-screen prompts to modify or cancel.