Remote DVR (rDVR) Setup Instructions

With Remote DVR Scheduling (rDVR) you can schedule recordings, browse TV listings and search for shows from virtually anywhere. Setup is quick and easy - just follow the steps below.

Click here to download a printable version.

  1. From your DVR and using your Interactive Guide remote control, click the Menu button on your remote TWICE. This will bring up your DVR Main Menu. Select "Setup" from the Main Menu.

    Step 1. rDVR Setup Instructions
  2. Once you are at the Setup Menu, select "Remote Access Setup".

    Step 2.rDVR Setup Instructions
  3. You will then be greeted with a message explaining the Remote DVR service. From this message, please select "Begin setup" if you wish to proceed.

    Step 3. rDVR Setup Instructions
  4. You now have a Temporary code associated with your DVR. Please write this code down in order to complete your online registration

    If you do not complete your online registration by the expiration date shown, you will need to repeat Steps 1-4 in order to receive a new Temporary Code.

    Step 4. rDVR Setup Instructions
  5. At, you will need to click “Sign In” in the top left hand corner of the TV Listings grid in order to complete your registration.

    Step 5. rDVR Setup Instructions
  6. From here, simply follow the on-screen steps and instructions in order to complete your registration. If you are having trouble finding our channel line-up by using your billing zip code, please use “29461” and select the channel line-up presented. Should this occur, please submit a support request alerting us to this instance with the inclusion of the zip code you attempted to use.

    HomeTV2Go users will need to register for a new username and password to be associated with the Remote DVR Scheduling services only. Upon completion of your registration, your DVR gauge will read 100% while your DVR is syncing to the online service. This may take up to 24 hours.