Home Telecom Announces Expansion of Gigabit Internet - Connection Speed Available to Only 3% in the Country



Home Telecom Announces Expansion of Gigabit Internet - Connection Speed Available to Only 3% in the Country.

Lightning fast Internet, buffer-free streaming video, online gaming with no lag, and transferring large files instantly are among the benefits now available over Home Telecom’s Velocity fiber network. Over 15,000 residential homes and 9.000 businesses in Home Telecom Velocity fiber areas are now able to receive 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Internet.

“We believe you should have access to the the most advanced communication services whether you choose to live in a large city, a suburban area or rural community ,” says Will Helmly, President and COO of Home Telecom, whose company is now announcing access to Gigabit speed Internet for all of their Velocity fiber customers located throughout the Charleston region. These areas consist of over 40 neighborhoods that began in Nexton and now include Brickhope, Carnes, Cane Bay Plantation, Daniel Island, Fairlawn, Foxbank, , Oak Terrace Preserve, Summers Corner and Sophia Landing to name a few. Today, only 3% of residents and businesses in the nation have access to gigabit Internet speeds. And now, Home Telecom Velocity fiber customers are a part of that elite group.

In 2004, Home Telecom was one of the first companies in the southeastern United States to deploy a fiber-to-the-home network, and in 2012 they were honored with a Calix® Innovation Award for using fiber to drive local economic development. In 2013, Home Telecom became the first telecommunications company to offer Gigabit speeds in South Carolina, providing gigabit service in Nexton®; the technology-focused master planned development located near Summerville.

“Our Velocity communities already benefit from future-proof fiber infrastructure. With the launch of Home Telecom’s Velocity Gigabit, the Low Country is not only an amazing place to live for the culture, friendliness and food, but it now also has the best technology experience available anywhere. Access to Gigabit Internet speed makes the Low Country a perfect place to open a traditional business, have a virtual business or to work at home in one of the most beautiful areas in the nation,” notes Helmly.

Just how fast is a Gigabit?
  • Download 100 songs in 3 seconds
  • Download an HD movie in 7 seconds
  • Upload 1000 photos in 10 seconds
  • Send a 5 GB backup to the cloud in 40 seconds
Home Telecom automatically upgraded residential and business customers that were subscribed to their 500 Mbps plan to the new 1 Gbps plan, doubling their speed at the same monthly rate. They are now offering homes and businesses located in their Velocity fiber areas throughout the Charleston region an opportunity to economically subscribe to or upgrade to Gigabit speed Internet, utilizing Home Telecom’s all fiber network and the latest advanced technology. For a complete list of Velocity fiber areas, visit VelocitybyHome.com.

Home Telecom, an independent telecommunications company based in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, offers high-speed Internet, voice, video, wireless Internet data access, data security solutions, and specialized bundles for residential, businesses and home offices. As an integrated communications provider utilizing multiple technologies, most notably fiber-to-the-premises, Home Telecom serves a large portion of the South Carolina Low country, including Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties. To learn more, visit HOMESC.COM.

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