Earning Screen Time: Top 5 Summer Screen Time Rules


earning screen time

The kids are out of school and about the only thing they want to do is play on their tablets, the computer or your iPhone. Researchers also show that children's screen time since COVID-19 has soared. Studies show that setting limits for children to use technological devices is important. Not only is sitting in front of blue light emitting devices bad for children’s health, but an integral part of normal childhood development comes in the form of children interacting with peers their age. If you want to promote your kids earning screen time, here are some valuable tips. 

Important Life Lessons Include Earning Screen Time

So what can you do to get your kids outside and enjoying the fresh air? Consider implementing these five screen rule strategies this summer to help kids with earning screen time.

1. Earn Screen Time

Instead of screen time being a given in your home, make your kids earn it! Whether they earn an allotted amount of time for showing respect, obedience, earning good grades or doing chores, earning privileges will teach them valuable lessons. Kids can then choose when to use the screen time they receive, which helps teach them lessons about planning and practicing patience.

2. Create Stations

Consider creating different play stations for your children. Having different stations, such as one for reading, drawing or art activities, technology, games, and playing outside, can help alleviate boredom and help the days pass faster.

3. Set a Timer

While most kids’ shows run about 30 minutes in length, it’s harder to assess how much time your children are spending on electronic devices unless you set a timer. Have a no-arguing policy with your child that when the timer goes off, their electronic devices automatically do too.

4. Tidying Up

Condition your children to clean up their toys, rooms or their messes before they can watch TV or play on any electronic devices. Additionally, this can link to the first strategy, which is earning screen time for picking up after themselves.

5. Serving Others

Having children do thoughtful things for other people, such as helping out siblings, doing chores without being asked, or even helping volunteer to clean up litter in a park, can teach them valuable life lessons about giving to others and giving back to society. If you help show them that serving others can be rewarding, it will help instill a lifelong lesson.


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