What Are the Benefits of a Hosted Business VoIP Service



voip business service

If you’ve ever placed an audio call using FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts, then you’ve used VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of service that transmits audio using an internet connection. As VoIP services gain in popularity, more businesses are turning to VoIP business service to help decrease costly phone bills and save money. Additionally, small business VoIP services offer a simple setup process and makes it easy to manage company-wide phone systems, costing a mere fraction of the price of traditional business phone plans.

VoIP Business Service Saves Businesses Money

The first type of VoIP systems appeared reasonably similar to traditional phone systems, but today’s modern day VoIP business service are all cloud-based.

Here are some ways that VoIP can save money:

  1. Less Expensive - VoIP costs a fraction of the price over traditional phone systems. It requires very minimal equipment; which is why VoIP can save your company thousands of dollars over traditional landline expenses. VoIP doesn’t require extensive configurations, saving your IT staff time and money.
  2. Simple Setup - VoIP is set up using a single dashboard, and with a few clicks, you can easily edit features for each number.
  3. Reliable & Secure Performance - Traditionally, when phone systems go down, there is nothing companies can do but wait for lengthy repairs. However, VoIP offers self-healing, diversely routed optical paths that provide resiliency and security required for your most mission-critical applications.
  4. Convenient - VoIP phone system settings are easy and quick to change. Additionally, employees can forward calls to their cell phones, making it easy for them to work without being tied to their desks. Instead of having difficulty changing extension numbers or phone numbers, these options are conveniently changed online via dashboards.
  5. Powerful Service - VoIP supports multiple applications such as data file transfer, internet access, off-site data storage, and access to outsourced applicated.

What traditional devices can VoIP replace?

VoIP business service replaces a variety of traditional services, which is also a cost benefit for businesses.

  • SMS - VoIP allows businesses to send text messages from the phone number you use, making it convenient for customers to be able to call or text with issues that may arise.
  • Fax - VoIP makes it easy to send and receive faxes in an email-type format. Faxes are received via PDF to an email address, making it easy to download, forward or save.
  • Conferences - It’s easy to collaborate and share using VoIP for online conferences and meetings.

Home Telecom VoIP Business Service

Home Telecom offers inexpensive VoIP business service. Offering a solutions-oriented business department, Home Telecom offers 24/7 Internet Technical Support and a Network Operations Center to support businesses that utilize Enterprise Solutions. Whether your business needs voice, data, HD video, internet or security solutions, we work with companies to provide a custom solution that not only meets their needs but exceeds their expectations.